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Company Profile

Yih Shan Precision wasfounded in 1980 started with few lathe machines operation and succeeded grew into world class manufacturer. Our professional manufacturing service offers precision, quality and ingenuity to industry-leading customers.

Yin Shan has state-of-art manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan, Shenzhen and Kunshan. Each facility is equipped with hundreds of high volume production automated CAM machines, precision CNC lathes and CNC milling center to meet the customer's high volume demand. Additional to the production capacity, our manufacturing process is regularly controlled by tight tolerance to ensure the consistency and high yield rate. Each manufactured components are measured with calibrated inspection equipment to ensure finished parts are within specification and guaranteed with quality.

Yih Shan's pursue of excellency, all production facilities are certified with ISO9001 and IAFT16949 accreditation from BSI Management. Our innovated engineering provides most cost-effective solution in machining varieties of metal alloys and plastic. Through our network of skilled vendors each specializing different surface treatments for achieving high quality surface finishes requirement. We also offer total solution for parts pre-fabricated from die-casting, forging, stamping, MIM, extrusion, fine blanking and injection.

Yih Shan is an environmental conscience company. We complied with each of local and international environmental regulation. Eatablished Hazardous Substance Free management system, waste reduction and recycling progeam are just few of our efforts to minimize the impact on Earth and create sustainable growth.

Yin Shan is guided by mission to provide superior manufacturing services with precision, quality, innovation, on-time delivery, total solution, value added, and customer satisfaction to each of our customers.


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