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Company Profile | Production and Inspection Equipment

Main Production Equipment
.CNC Automatic Lathe .CNC Lathe
.CNC Tapping Center .6-Spindle PNC Automatic Lathe
.Cam Automatic Lathe .ESCO Automatic Lathe
.Ultrasonic Cleaner .Multi-axial Forming Machine
 Yin Shan's facilitines are equipped with hundreds of precision CNCand automated
 manufacturing machines to provide the capacity to meet customer's demand.

Main Inspection Equipment
.Contactless Shaft Measurement System .Automatic Peripheral Sorting Machines
.Automatic Peripheral Sorting Machines .X-ray Fluorescent Spectrograph Analyzer
.Automatic Image Measurement Systems .Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
.Rockwell Hardness Tester .Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System
.Horizontal Measuring Instrument .Tensile/Compression Strength Tester
.Optical Projector .Surface Roughness Tester
.Stereo Microscope .Concentricity Gage
.CCD Microscope .Precision Hole Setting Gage
.Vertical Measuring Instruments  
 Yin Shan's facilitines are equipped with calibrated measuring equipment to ensure
 produced components meet customer's specification.

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