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Available Manufacturing Services

.Raw material reworking capacity
 Stainless Steels, Steels, Brass /Copper, Aluminum, Special Alloys, Poly-formaldehyde (POM)
.Equipment operating capacity
 CNC lathe, CNC milling, CNC multiaxial, CNC grinding, Double side grinding, Centerless grinding,
 Cam lathe
.Surface treatment
 Electroplate, Passivate, Dyed black, Anodize, Phosphate, Polish, Hairline
.Heat treatment
 Carburizing, Nitriding, Tempering, Hardening and Tempering, Annealing
.Other Processes
 Assembly, forging, Laser carving, Laser drilling, Deep-hole drilling, processing with supplied materials


We submit to total customized service with raw material procurement, complete manufacturing as well as designated delivery for customers.

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